When the power goes out, what happens? Lighting, central heating and cooling, appliances, electronics, and your general sense of security becomes compromised.

An automatic standby generator backup acts as an insurance policy; a situation may never come up where it is necessary. However, it is worth the investment if power interruptions affect your budget, medical equipment, workflow, or if you live in an area with frequent, prolonged blackouts. Having a generator installed is also a great option for anyone who wants the peace of mind of being prepared for unexpected situations.

An automatic standby generator may also reduce your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies believe having a powered home reduces the risk of theft. An automatic standby generator also protects your family, especially children and the elderly, from extreme temperatures.

Installing a Rheem residential generator will ensure that whether the ice is falling, or the temperature is soaring, you will be comfortable in your home!  

Once an automatic standby generator has been installed for your home, you will never have to worry about your comfort and safety being compromised by a blackout. An automatic standby generator differs in a few key ways from portable generators - rather than plugging in a few chosen devices, an automatic standby generator features a permanent installment on your property, wired directly into your electrical system. The generator will allow you to run appliances such as sump pumps, refrigerators, washers/dryers, and lights during a power outage. It will also continuously monitor voltage and will be able to detect a power outage on its own. Once the interruption is over, the system automatically switches back to the utility company.

Rheem generators offer all of the best things we look for in an automatic standby generator - fully automatic, flexible placement, reliable engine power, durable enclosure, quick response, and of course a warranty.

  • Fully Automatic - Advanced electronics continuously monitor voltage and will detect a utility power outage without intervention. It will automatically start the generator whether you are home or away. The system also automatically switches back to the utility company after the interruption is over.
  • Flexible Placement - Generators can be placed as close as 18" from the home, allowing for more placement options in your yard. This flexibility is perfect for tight lot lines.
  • Reliable Engine Power - Rheem’s 12kW standby generators are powered by a commercial grade engine by Briggs & Stratton. These engines are engineered to dependably take on the most demanding jobs.
  • Durable Enclosure - Rheem’s standby generators feature rust-resistant, Galvanneal steel enclosures. Made from the same materials used in the automotive industry, the enclosures are made to withstand the elements.
  • Quick Response - Due to continuous voltage level monitoring, an automatic standby generator automatically powers your home in seconds after sensing a power outage.
  • Limited Parts Warranty - Rheem stands behind their warranty and makes it easy for customers to work with them.

Ensure your peace of mind by installing a quality built, dependable, Rheem automatic standby generator which will offer comfort to the whole family, year-round because quality is the difference.

Not sure if a standby generator is right for your home? Contact the professionals in the know at Hubbard Heating & Plumbing Inc today for more information!