A sump pump is commonly found in the basement of many homes and is a pump used to remove water that’s collected in a sump basin. As the temperatures fluctuate in late winter and early spring, sump pumps can become overworked and can even break, causing water to pool and not be pumped out properly. Here are a few facts about your sump pump and tips for maintaining it.


How do they work?

Sump pumps work by collecting water in a sump tank, and when groundwater fills up the tank to a certain level, the float will travel up a float rod and activate a switch that will turn the motor on. The motor will then remove water from the tank and move it away from your home. There are two different types of sump pumps, submersible, and non-submersible. A submersible pump is the most common type of pump, is most often installed during home construction, and is covered inside the tank. A non-submersible pump will have a motor and a hose and will be installed above the basement floor. The hose connects to the motor and then routes to the sump tank. This option can be installed in your home at any time and is the less expensive option.


Maintenance Tips

  • Check for debris: remove the cover and check for any debris that might have made its way into the tank, such as mud, gravel, and rocks.
  • Flush the entire system: you can check to make sure the system is working by flushing the system with a hose or bucket of water. When the pump turns on, it should run smooth, so make sure you don’t hear any unusual sounds. If you hear something, it could indicate worn or damaged parts.
  • Check the discharge pipe: before you get any major rain during the spring season, check the discharge hose and make sure it’s free of debris. A blocked pipe can stop water from draining properly. If you find debris such as mulch, mud, stones, or other types of plants, remove them so you don’t have problems down the road.

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