Summer is finally here and even though you can’t control the temperature outside, you can take actions when it comes to controlling the temperature and your budget inside your home. Use these cool saving tips and beat the New York summer heat.

  • Plant trees near and around your house, most summer heat that enters inside your home comes from direct sun contact, on your roof and windows.  Did you know that planting trees or shrubs to shade your air conditioner can increase its efficiency by up to 12%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy?

  • Hang window treatments; you’ll see significant savings if you close them because it prevents the sun from entering your home. Window treatments can reduce heat gain by around 35%, try to use light-colored treatments: The lighter the hue, the more they’ll deflect the sun’s rays. 

  • Using a ceiling fan or other circulating fan can make you feel five to six degrees cooler, thanks to the wind-chill effect. A fan doesn’t chill a room on its own, but, it will make it more comfortable.

  • Setting your thermostat preferably a programmable one as high as comfortably possible, will increase the temperature when you’re out, or asleep. This action could quickly decrease your summer cooling bill by 12%. 

  • Maintain your AC unit; if you don’t properly care for your air conditioner, it can rack up your repair costs. Parts can break, ducts can become obstructed, and your HVAC unit can even shut down or break completely. Always remember to schedule regular maintenance checks, so that little problems don’t become big ones down the road. Did you know dirty AC filters make units work harder to cool your home?  

If you require HVAC maintenance but don’t know who to call, Hubbard Heating & Plumbing can assist you. Our team of trained professionals can get your system running like new again, and can help answer any questions about the process along the way. Give us a call today at 607-532-4739 to schedule your maintenance check, or visit our website to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you.