It seems like we just started summer but fall is right around the corner and that means colder nights, bonfires, pumpkin spice everything and a lot more time spent inside our home.


Before firing up your furnace, get the 411 on what maintenance you can perform and what a professional will maintain yearly. Nobody wants to end up paying emergency rates on a cold winter night. It essential to inspect the furnace and all the various pieces to ensure there aren’t any ruptures or leaks that could impact the safety of your family.


Warranty 411

Furnace warranties have different terms and conditions about maintenance and how it affects the warranty. Most furnace warranties state that you need to maintain your furnace routinely. The level required in most furnace warranties requires professional HVAC technicians abilities.

Furnace TroubleShooting 411

Open up your air vents: By closing the air vents, you can be increasing the pressure in your furnace. Making the furnace work harder to heat your home can lead to failed blower motors, mold or mildew.


Check your thermostat: One of the most effortless fall maintenance that homeowners can do is looking at the thermostat.


  • Check, is it set to Heat and not Cool?
  • Is the temperature setting above the current indoor temperature?
  • Did you check the battery?
  • Turn the thermostat up a few extra degrees, is it running as it should be and heating your home?

Inspect your home’s air filter: Air filters can easily be forgotten, their importance to your home’s furnace efficiency cannot be overemphasized. Dirty air filters can mean a host of comfort annoyances for homeowners, including:


  • Allergens
  • Restricted airflow
  • Decreased ability
  • Bigger energy bills

If you pull out your home’s air filter, hold it up to a light. Can you see the light coming through it? No? Then it is most likely a while since your last heating service, and a reasonable time to get a new one. If it’s a simple disposable air filter, replace it every three months.


Professional Tune-Up 411

  • Full inspection, including a complete visual and point examination to check all the working parts of your furnace and duct system.
  • Lubrication,  mechanical equipment needs lubrication to reduce friction between the moving parts.
  • Gas pressure evaluation, corrections may be made to the pilot and gas pressure as needed to restore these elements to the designed specifications.
  • Filter replacement, most furnace filters need to be replaced at least every third month, which can enhance efficiency.

Hubbard Heating & Plumbing will keep your heating system maintained with regular professional tune-ups that can reduce wear and tear. We can identify failing parts in need of replacement before they become a serious problem. A tune-up alone may instantly improve energy efficiency by up to 30%. Our team of trained professionals can get your system running like new again, and can help answer any questions about the process along the way. Give us a call today at 607-532-4739 to schedule your fall furnace tune-up, or visit our website to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you.