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Furnace/Air Conditioning

Engineered Trunk Work - The trunk work is sized specifically for the needs of your home. Long runs are tapered in the appropriate places to maintain proper static pressures, keeping your home comfortable throughout.

Sealed Duct Joints - Each joint in the duct work is sealed with aluminum tape or duct sealant. Preventing air leakage from the duct work maintains the system’s efficiency and your comfort.

Quiet Duct Work - We use cross broken, 26-gauge galvanized steel sheet metal plenums, and legs are installed on the return air drop for added support. This cuts down on vibrations, keeping your system extremely quiet.

Safety Disconnects - A safety disconnect is installed on the side of the unit with a GFI outlet that can be used by the homeowner and our technicians during service. An additional disconnect is installed at the entrance to the room.

Condensate Drain System - A condensate pump or drain are installed on every condensing furnace, and connected to a footer drain or sanitary sewer. A trap is installed to facilitate the flow of condensate, and plugs are placed on both sides of the trap. This allows the drain to be easily serviced, keeping it from getting plugged and spilling out in your home..


M-Series High Performance Systems

  • High Efficiency Heat Pumps
  • Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

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With heating and air conditioning, the systems are only as good as the installation. Why can we say this? Several major industry studies revealed that 90% of units tested exhibited major energy-wasting, comfort-robbing problems!

Issues like duct leakage, oversizing, incorrect refrigerant charge and incorrect air flow keep your home from being comfortable and safe. It could also cost hundreds of dollars more each year to heat and cool your home.

With Hubbard Heating and Plumbing, you will be in the top 10% of installations, without any of the above problems. Our technicians are highly trained and dedicated to your comfort. They also respect your home while they work, protecting your floors with floor covering, and cleaning the work area before they leave.

Have our Comfort Consultant come to your home and design a custom Comfort System for your family. They can also show you in detail why installation of your system by Hubbard Heating & Plumbing is best!